Coworking Myths

Coworking Myths

#1: Coworking is only for tech startups & freelancers

This is a myth that has been assumed by many, the narrative is however changing as coworking spaces geared toward tech professionals and startups are slowly disintegrating. Majority of coworking spaces have now adapted the inclusion of Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), tech start-ups, freelancer’s, stay-at home moms, business owners and creative types, seeking to commune and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs away from working at home or the regular office space set-up.

Coworking gives professionals, whether self-employed or employed by someone else flexibility, freedom and access to pro-quality business amenities to help grow businesses of all sizes.

#2: Coworking offers no privacy

Well it’s true that coworking spaces often create an energetic atmosphere and vibe, with a buzz of activity, constant whispers and chatter but in reality, members of a coworking space are mainly there to get work done and rarely socialize. Members looking to strike up conversations, small talk or connect with fellow members will do so over a cup coffee in the lounge or common area or over some home cooked lunch.

Several coworking spaces are gradually taking note of their members’ needs and wants, and have started offering a variety of amenities to accommodate them, from phone booths and board rooms to selected “quiet” areas. Other coworking spaces have gone the extra mile and given its members flexible rent rates for private offices and cubes particularly those who need a bit of peace and quiet to work.

#3: Coworking is the same as shared office space

One of the most common questions asked at our front desk as entrepreneur register is, “is it really a coworking space, or a shared office?” Well there is a thin line of similarity between the two statements but the difference is evident. The difference between coworking space and shared office space is the objective or purpose of establishing either of the two premises.
In a coworking space unlike a basic shared office, you can rely on internal coworking mangers or facilitators whose mission is to cultivate collaboration and networking as well as creating a platform that gives members the best opportunity to build their unique ideas and grow their businesses.

Well the misconceptions of coworking spaces are numerous; don’t let them get in the way of finding a work space that really works for you.

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