More Than Just An Office Space

More Than Just An Office Space

Making a great first impression is imperative to building great relationships and success. Creating an engaging coworking space that fuels creativity is one of the qualities I specifically look for in a coworking space, besides having amazing coffee. Not only do I want to be a happy entrepreneur but surround myself in a space that fuels my productivity.

I was initial allured into Digital village Africa as I made a random stroll to the basement parking. The space is well appointed, comfortable and appealing. With the reception area being the first point of contact, I was received by a well-trained coworking manager and warm, friendly, pleasant ambience, inspired by the digital, innovative world. The space is aesthetically pleasing at first sight, with the pictorial wallpaper exhibiting the organinsations historical background and its journey to success, immediately attracts all who walk in.

The hub has ample lighting which is paramount as creative’s. The presence of natural light offers a wider color spectrum, making it easier for the entrepreneurs to focus on tasks as well as creates a warm and cozy ambiance. The layout of the space is designed to enable entrepreneurs maneuver freely around the space, and offer a comfortable desks and sitting place. There are few walls and partitions and more of an open atmosphere, which is conducive to free-form interactions and dialogue.

The shared office spaces operate as temporary work hubs that anyone can rent by the hour, daily, monthly or annually. With packages ranging from Day pass, Flexi-package, dedicated desk, private cubes and private offices. What really stood out, however, about this coworking space is that it has a social impacting program that is aimed at supporting start-ups and freelancers from the BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid) by offering them subsidized rates and extra advisory support. Aside from this, the entrepreneurs are given mentorship opportunities that will enhance their own skills, strategies and capabilities; so that they are empowered to tackle existing market trends which offer a stepping stone to their dreams.

If you are already excited as I am about this facility you need not wait another minute. Go setup your work space today.

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