The Death of Traditional Office Setup

The Death of Traditional Office Setup

Research doesn’t lie, right? So yeah, according to different researches carried out in Kenya, it shows that traditional office set ups are on their death bed. More Coworking spaces are being set up and more organizations are shifting to them. Entrepreneurs, startups and incubators are also appreciating the Coworking concept.

Working from a Coworking space is like paying for your water bill. You only pay for what you have used. You can pay in terms of hours, days, weeks, or months. There is less hustle when settling in and running your daily business. You do not need to know if the pantry is full, if the electricity bill was paid on time, if the janitor showed up to work or not. All this is catered for, all you need to do is wake up, come to work, do your fair share of your duties and leave the rest to your Coworking manager to worry about.

Coworking spaces has the ability to host people from different work sectors, therefore you are in a position to have direct contact with people who can assist the growth of your company. Imagine this: you need a marketing agent- he is seated on the right; you need a web designer; she is seated across the hall; you need a blogger, one is seated in the adjacent private cube. With only a few strides, your needs are met.

Kenya is getting more urbanized as the days go by. Fiber connectivity is getting more effective and at a more affordable price. Therefore, some people opt to work from home, hold meetings on Skype as opposed to going to work. Therefore, a company will downsize on work space and pay for a Coworking space for the few people who need to come to the office, for serious meetings or a break from working in the house.

What I am trying to say is, you pay for only what you use and you get way more than a traditional office set up would ever give. No extra expenses, less daily hustles, more ideas. This gives you more time for personal growth, company growth, creation of social and professional network.

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