The Rise Of Home Based Work And Coworking Spaces

The Rise Of Home Based Work And Coworking Spaces

If you wake up on a Monday Morning, check and send your emails in bed and work the entire day as you experiment on recipes, then you might be more productive than most people who wake up to go to a traditional based office.
Most ladies who are in their early stages of starting a family or have young ones and also the Generation-Y prefer having flexible working hours, because it gives them a chance to have a desired work-life balance set for themselves as planned. Employers are now realizing that there is no urgent need of employees reporting to the office if they are just as productive working from home.

This has brought the need of organizations to shift to Coworking spaces for the employees who would still like to work from an office or one of those meetings where everyone needs to be physically present as they can utilize the space they only need on to go basis and spend much less on utilities such as electricity, water and housekeeping, Wi-Fi etc meaning this is a win win situation. The employee is happy and satisfied with their job while the employer gets to save on costs and still have very productive and self-motivated employees.

According to research, many companies are catching up with this trend and it basically means we are in the rise of Coworking spaces and home based work and it bears proof to being more productive to both teams.

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