Why Choose a Coworking Space?

Why Choose a Coworking Space?

We are currently registering high levels of depression within our community. Statistics show that a high rate of the people affected by depression trickles back to the work environment. Majority of the affected people feel they are under a lot of pressure to hit targets while others feel they are facing steep competition and have to level up to maintain their target market. Without the right work-life balance, one ends up performing dismally both at work and socially, while others go to the extremes of committing suicide.

Between the age of 24- 55 (which is the primetime of anyone’s life), 58% of your time revolves around work. Employers, startups and freelancers are finding Coworking spaces a more effective environment to run their business, reason behind a rise in demand of Coworking spaces because how it looks, how it feels and the perception you get every time you think about your workspace matters. This is why we tailor make sophisticated spaces that bring out an official-casual feel because that traditional office setup no longer works for many.

Our partitions are frosted glass walls are colorful, the spaces well lit, the décor brings a sophisticated look to the eye. We hold hub to various companies in different sectors, with very agile coworkers therefore, it is very easy to relate with the rest of crowd, learn what other companies do differently and borrow a few tips on how to grow your business better as well as challenge your personal growth. Basically, it pushes you to grow out of your cocoon and better yourself and your organization.

The best part of your workday in our Coworking space should be the playful shift in the environment. This makes one very productive and better work results are registered, making many more relaxed during and after work hours because you can comfortably hit targets and barricades the possibility of coworkers falling into depression.

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