Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership

Caroline Wanjiku Kamanja, CEO of Digital Village Africa Coworking, is a social entrepreneur and philanthropist. Caroline realized that there was hardly any affordable working offices for startup companies and freelancers. She therefore started a Coworking space at Westlands, Chiromo that had the intention of being affordable and less tasking to settle in.

Being a social entrepreneur, she understands the importance of Business being good for the world and was the first Kenyan entrepreneur to enlist her organization to be part of the B Corp movement Caroline is bent on successfully guiding her organization to greater heights and as a result has partaken in several initiatives that have proven beyond reasonable doubt her expertise and sheer diligence.

She was a participant in the Keroche Foundation Academy Season II where she emerged victorious amongst all her other capable peers.

One not to be slowed down , Caroline applied for the Alibaba E-founders, and, Alibaba says they received around 1,000 African applications for the program, and just 29 people got the nod to go to east China’s Zhejiang Province for the seminar. She was among the 29 and her sole mission was to find out more about the trend in the markets, because Chinese E-commerce is really good at technology on using data.

She understands that staying teachable is the most important skill in this era and is enlisted in the Stanford Seed Program where she gets to sap knowledge from the experts, with a vision of expanding her youth employability initiative to spread to the whole of Africa.

Her most notable achievement by far is being a mom to her adorable daughter. She lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

“Success isn’t about how much money you make, it is about the change you make in people’s lives”- Michelle Obama

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